February 2020 – Gone with the Wind

February 14 & 15, 2020

It’s mid-February and it’s time to check if everything´s alright on Andros. This time Lavinia sets off again with her companions.

And as always, we open the travelogue with a photo of the traditional „Andros suitcase“!

It is stuffed with two boxes, medication, milk powder, parasite agents and other utilities. Up to duct tape and cable ties to secure the boxes and cord to trigger a trap remotely – nothing is left to chance, and every knowledge from the trips before is taken into account!

(The Halamid bucket is only there symbolically. Lavinia will fill a portion of it, we don’t want to disinfect the whole island.)

The purchase at Lidl is also traditionally photographed: food for the cats, because we do not want to scrounge food from S. and his well-traveled pallet. Of course, dog food for A. is also included, and a bag of cat litter for prospective travel cats.

So equipped, they cross to Andros on the morning of February 15th. A last view at Rafina on board the ferry.

Cats have a keen sense! Or do Andros travelers and their car smell of delicious food from afar? In any case, immediately after arriving in Gavrio harbor, the first cats flock to the small party. Of course, no distinction is made between „our Andros cats“ and „extraneous cats“ – everyone gets something!

As usual on the first day, the feeding sites were also visited. Unfortunately, there were hardly any cats to be seen today, because in such a weather the greeting of Andros travelers is simply not fun – there was a storm warning and the sky had opened its locks:

The protected places at feeding site #1 are in demand. Under the shelter built by S. from bulky waste there are two newcomers, the black cat has flu. It should definitely get antibiotics! Marie and Fynn were also seen, but not close enough for suitable photos.

At feeding site #3 only the two showed up, who always could also be seen in S.’s pictures.

There was not a single whisker at feeding site #2, so a detour to V. was made to look for possible neutering candidates. Right at the beginning a pretty tortoiseshell kitten, but unfortunately pretty shy. It only came to the feed when the strangers kept enough distance.

After this cool, windy and wet day, Lavinia and her companions have retired to the vacation home. After a hot shower and a cozy dinner, they can now relax and hope for the coming days, because the weather should get better again. We keep our fingers crossed for our travelers!

February 16, 2020

Today it was very stormy again, but at least the sun came out.

Today S. was visited to fetch the trap deposited there and to pick up the two young cats which are capable for neutering from those who had been picked up as kittens before the winter and have been cared for by S. since then. Because although it is Sunday today, the veterinarian exceptionally agreed to receive the two for neutering.

Tomorrow there will also be a patient on the list, whom the vet will not take a short look at on Sunday, but in peace and quiet. It is Cosy that appeared on the scene again, unfortunately in an poor condition. It looks like he has had an accident in which his jaw has suffered, possibly even broken. Because even though the cats live there at a private feeding site, they are still strays that stay away for a while.

The other cats at this feeding site are doing pretty well: Tamy on the left front, Nikita on the front right and one of the still nameless kittens to the fore middle, who were saved before the winter. Whereby „kitten“ is no longer the right expression. Luzifer in the back on the left, Phoenix behind him, Kalea in the rear middle.


The feeding sites #1 to #3 were visited twice as usual today. Hereinafter the picture collection of the day.

Feeding site #1

Medea and a small, new but trusting sniffy mouse that was spotted yesterday. Both are given antibiotics. And Medea has become cuddly, had Lavinia relayed to Jörg (who caught her for neutering in October, which she took slightly offended to him)!


Lavinia writes about the next cat: „A very small one. Let’s try to catch it. It looks big enough for neutering, but ultimately the veterinarian decides.“

Kleinweiß („small white“) found a buddy! Just as white and shy as he, in contrast to Kleinweiß, which has only a black tail tip, the tail is completely dark. Even Kleinweiß has not been spared from winter, but he still sniffs the least.

Lavinia reports: „Here you can see Medea, the young gray one just mentioned, a young black cat and the little mouse who wants to crawl more into us each time we come. When we leave the feeding site they all escort us for a while. It is difficult for us to ignore them, but they shouldn’t follow us into the village and, in the worst case, be hit by a car.“

And another one on the neutering wish list this time: Fynn! Lavinia says: „A little more shy than likely in October. With S. it could be easy to catch him. Otherwise, the live trap that we have since today will be used.“ We keep our fingers crossed!

On the way to feeding site #3, the small party meets an old acquaintance who was very dear to Marie, but was not often seen: Elli! Neutered in December 2017 and recognizable by her cute, always somehow sniffish expression. She looks gorgeous, doesn’t she?

Feeding site #3

Leandros and Socrates dine together. The wind gave Leandros a chic blow-dry hairstyle!

New cat on the block – was not present in October 2019, but looks pretty neat. In the last pictures of S. he was already partially visible.

Full and relaxed cats in the mild evening light on a fresh, green meadow – looks cozy, doesn’t it? But Andros travelers don’t like this sight at all. Because that is the other side of the road that leads into the village and Amadei, the little red cat from October 2019, is still remembered by all of us…

Feeding site #2

Only two cats showed up here today. On the one hand Data, whom obviously the food tastes very good. And another surprise: Tiffy – first mentioned in December 2017 and last seen in March 2019! Unfortunately we do not know who took over the neutering sponsorship for her. Does someone recognize his sponsorship cat Tiffy or does know who is the sponsor? We look forward to get any relevant information.

At V.´s house they also had a look. Lavinia and companions also want to work here. Since the cats are quite shy, the live trap will have to be used there.

At the end of the day, back to the two (no longer) kittens, who still travel to the veterinarian in the late afternoon. As is well known, our Greek friends often give the cats names. However, they know about the neutering sponsorships and the names given there, and they are happy that there are people in far Germany who empathize with the fate of their cats.

Now S. has come up with something special! May we introduce?

The two kittens from autumn 2019…

… are called Lavinia (right) and Jörg (left).

The two now also need to be neutered very urgently. The Greek friends know that a sponsorship is given a new name and then there are cats with a Greek-German name, such as our foster cat Dora-Ciari. But with Jörg and Lavinia, who are named after our two Andros travelers, it would be a little strange to assign new names, especially since S. thought of something with a wink. Therefore, the two were not advertised here for sponsorship.

Unfortunately there is a sad event also at the beginning of this trip. When Lavinia returned from the vet, she found a cat run over on the street. Still warm and not lying there at the time of the forward run. At least Lavinia could put her to rest her in the meadow by the roadside; she now travels to the stars with the name „Apollinaria“ (after Apollo, the Greek god of light, healing and spring).

Now we hope that tomorrow the weather will be even better, more cats will show up again and Lavinia and her travel companions can do a lot of what they have planned!

February 17, 2020

After the veterinarian neutered two cats yesterday, exceptionally on Sunday, today was the first „regular“ day when cats could be caught and neutered. And Lavinia and her companions made good use of it!

Not only that Lavinia & Jörg which were delivered to the vet yesterday were picked up.

Hereinafter are the 5 neutered cats of the day, they also got all spot-on and an antibiotic depot injection.

A.’s cat, who is a prospective travel candidate due to her eye. Now she will be kept inside and treated with eye drops, and then it will be decided how to proceed with her.

Her sponsor named her Calla.

Now the four cats from feeding site #1.

Long awaited and now come true – Fynn has been captured!

The flu cat presented in yesterday’s daily report, which turned out to be a tomcat. Also a possible travel candidate, because he has severe flu and is a small, frail guy. His name is now Sophus.

A black tomcat named Brick.

And something colorful, she´s now called Amira. Caught just in time because she had been pregnant for about 2 weeks. Again, it is not an easy thing to decide against the kittens in favor of a weak cat. But it is and remains the only way to deal with the misery at the feeding sites.

Thus, seven cats (with Jörg and Lavinia) who were neutered can be noted as a really successful balance of the two days! Respect!

The daily tour of the feeding sites shows that the cats are slowly daring to emerge again. Word seems to be getting around that fellows are handling coshida-blue cans again.

Feeding site #1

Feeding site #3

The usual suspects were present here – Sokrates, Leandros and the well-groomed red newcomer. But also nameless, unneutered tigers. One of it is very similar to Dunja, but the notch in the ear is missing.

Teddy (right) and Neila (front) were seen at S.´s private feeding site today.

But now a few words about Cosy. The vet examined him closely in the afternoon. Sadly, he actually has an bad, complicated jaw fracture. Since the possibilities for optimal treatment are unfortunately limited here, it is planned that Cosy will travel to Germany so that he can be operated on by specialists.

The veterinarian looks after the fracture and fixes it as well as possible. He is given antibiotics and pain relievers, is fed with a tube and stays there for the time being. For the preparation for the trip (and yes, we want to say so openly, also to estimate the chances of Cosy surviving) Lavinia asked the veterinarian to also carry out the quick tests on FIV and FeLV. Fortunately, both tests were negative!

S. of course lets one of „his“ cats travel to Germany if it gives it a chance of survival and healing. Therefore we wish Cosy that he can gather strength for the trip!

We fight together for Cosy! Please keep your fingers crossed that not only neuterings were successfully carried out today, but also that Cosy’s life story is far from over!

February 18, 2020

Also today 4 cats were caught at feeding site #1. One of them is a very prominent tomcat, who showed up for the first time in December 2018.

For a long time he messed around with Marie and us, didn’t get caught, and we were always worried about his sunburned ears.

Who recognizes him?

Yup! Lavinia and her friends managed to lure Kleinweiß into the trap! However, he is not a travel candidate because he is very cross-grained and unmanageable on a flight.

He is now called Calzifer.

The black tomcat, who was a member of the small welcoming committee on the first day, was also caught and is now called Kefali.

In addition there were two tigers.

The first still unsuspecting at breakfast, …

… and immediately afterwards in the trap and now called Puca.

This is the second tiger – Dimitri.

Cat Marie obviously loves to be photographed.

Our old acquaintance Warhorse has unfortunately not shown up to now. But Lavinia couldn’t believe her eyes when Melina brought another cat of this type, Warhorse II so to speak.

A black teddy that should be the object of neutering desire tomorrow.

The „eye cat“, which was new at the feeding site in October 2019 and whose eye is „only“ blind, has also survived the winter.

In the afternoon there were only potent tomcats at feeding site #3, so Lavinia went directly to V., because cats have priority. Here these two were caught and taken straight to the vet (but the black and white one turned out to be a tomcat).

At V. two old acquaintances came in front of the lens.


And an extremely well-fed Occhio (left). If you consider how she looked before neutering!

At feeding site #2 only one cat – Tiffy, who was also directly dewormed and defleaed.

The four tomcats who were caught and neutered this morning are now recovering at the accommodation. Sophus digs in well!

At S. there is also a prospective travel „eye cat“ – one of the kittens saved before the winter and called Chloe by him. In the meantime she became an extremely adorable and cuddly young lady with white bridal gloves!

A cat with an abscess was also taken on today’s trips to the vet. It now stays there for rinsing and drainage.

Cosy’s condition is unchanged, he continues to receive his infusion and of course remains inpatient. We continue to hope for him to leave and then to be optimal cared in Germany.

Amira is pretty cold. There are 5 prospective travel candidates. From today’s perspective, however, only three can be brought, so Lavinia is currently in the process of finding solutions for two cats. A well-known problem that is not always easy to solve.

February 19, 2020

Two tomcats were caught at feeding site #1 today. Cats would be „better“, of course, but as Lavinia rightly remarked: „But, well, once it’s in, of course it won’t be let out.“

First a tiger, called Hyazinth by his sponsor.

The black teddy, which was on the neutering wish list yesterday, was already trapped today and is now called Pepe.

However, catching those who need it is very difficult! Because the boxes and traps are sieged by cats who would like to book a second trip to the veterinarian, even though it was their turn yesterday.

Such as Kefali. He seems to like the travelers very much, because on Saturday he also belonged to the welcoming committee for the very first feeding round.

Or Fynn.

These two are still on the wish list:

Brick is meanwhile doing great again!

Calzifer still pouts a little bit.

Now a small torrent of pictures from S.´s feeding site.

A great success can be reported at V. and her neighbor: At V.´s house all cats are neutered with these two catches and only one or two cats from heir neighbor are not neutered yet.

The tortoiseshell cat, now Nadia, was caught…

… and Smilla, the little white one with different colored eyes.

After Occhio showed up yesterday, her companion Socks, who were also neutered during the trip in July 2019, appeared today.

Unfortunately a little blurred, but you can see that she is also doing very well!

And Sia, neutered in October 2019, greets from afar.

Cosy´s front jaw fracture got a fixation. He is currently fed by a nasogastric tube. The veterinarian believes that, according to the current status, a trip to Germany will be possible.

The cat with the abscess has to remain stationary for a few more days, the abscess was rather deep. But if Lavinia and her companions are then already have left Andros, A. will pick up the cat from the veterinarian.

February 20, 2020

Today’s daily program is well filled again, but therefore we will got a little less photos. Parasite treatment is carried out at the feeding sites. Then finally it’s time to get to know H. & I. personally. Lavinia also plans how to proceed with the travel cats. And S. has invited the Andros travelers to his home to meet each other away from the garbage cans.

If not neutered cats also fall into the trap in all of these plans, they will of course not be disregarded.

On the way to the feeding sites the party ran into this beauty in the town.

Since she has a notch in her ear, we immediately searched all our annual reviews and neutering lists. It must be „Christa II“, which was caught by Marie sometime in 2018.

Unfortunately we have no further information, Marie only listed her in the year 2018 review. So we look forward to relevant information on the date of neutering and sponsorship.

A quick look at the feeding site #1 and after that at V.´s house.

Lavinia briefly reported on the phone that the meeting with H. & I. was great. In fact, it looks as if the very good cooperation with them so far could continue to flourish. A first success: there are more travel candidates than opportunities to leave, which is why Amira moves to H. & I. for care! This is of course ideal to have other accommodations for cats directly on Andros! In addition, some well-known faces appeared at H. & I.:

February 21 & 22, 2020

Mýti is released after neutering:

There is not much time left in the morning because the travel cats are supposed to get into the boxes, the suitcases have to be packed and the house is cleaned. But a final farewell round to the quickly accessible places must be. Mainly because it rained last night so that this walk was not possible.

Feeding site #1

Brick was spotted again, but it wasn’t enough for a photo.

Feeding site #3

A series of pictures of well-known faces – Leandros, Sokrates, the well-groomed and still nameless red one. Leandros has to brave the storm!

And now the time has come to leave this beautiful island and „our“ cats.

Lavinia planned the travel cats alongside all the other „Andros business“ yesterday – with a shock moment when she suddenly could no longer book animals with the airline, which fortunately was possible again today.

Despite all the melancholy, there is also something hopeful to report: Cosy travels to Germany! And Nora has already arranged for an appointment in the veterinary clinic as a precaution, so that he will be introduced to a specialist immediately on Saturday!

The chronicler at home and the travelers made an appointment for a video greeting on the webcam in the port of Gavrio.

Not long after the ferry leaves. Have a good crossing and a calm flight back home!

From the other perspective it looks like this in Lavinia’s words: „With a tear in our eyes we left Gavrio… Actually with more than one tear.“

These four cats traveled to Germany:

Now Lavinia and her travel companions have returned safely to Germany, and we look with respect and gratitude at this great balance:

  • 18 cats were neutered.
  • Where possible, the cats were treated again for parasites.
  • A cat (Amira) was housed with our new gained partners.
  • We took Apollinaria in our hearts.

Neutering sponsorships have been found for all 18 cats. There are also overwhelming pledges for donations, especially for Cosy’s treatment. Donations were also generously rounded up for other requirements. We at the association would like to thank all supporters wholeheartedly for this support! Together we have made a major step forward in the Andros project!

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