December 2017 – The next food pallet

The third food pallet in 2017 is on the road, and all of this has been packed into this oversized Christmas package for the cats on Andros:

439 kg canned food:

  • mainly 400 g cans, but also all other packaging units are included
  • with sauce, with jelly and paté
  • Animonda, Catessy, DM, Granata Pet, Felix, Fit&Fun, Ja, Kitekat, Macs, Multifit, Pet natur, Ropocat, Smilla, terra pura, …

220 kg dry food:

  • from 50 g sample bag to the 20 kg bag
  • Animonda, DM, Fit&Fun, Ja, Kitekat, Pitti, Royal canin, schesir, smilla

approximately 25 kg others:

  • cat treats, rearing milk, paste
  • 1 box of dog food (had someone left and there are hungry dogs too)
  • a few Christmas sweets for people

The middle palette is ours! And it has an exhausting way to go, as Sandra A. writes: „Our palette makes its way through snow, the driver posts many snowfall videos on the road on Facebook.“

To answer the question from an Internet forum on how long a pallet reaches, here as well: That can not be said overall – shorter in winter than in summer and with more immigrant hungry mouths too. But on average, it turns out that a pallet is enough for about two months. On a pallet are 550 to 600 kilograms of food and currently 70 to 75 cats are supplied with this.

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