April 13, 2020 – Mourning and confidence

Author: Dr Marianne Taatz-Jacobi

Today it is the first anniversary of Marie’s death. We feel sad and reflective.

We remember exactly how we have been racked by the news the next day. It felt unreal. Why would a young woman such as Marie was die so suddenly from one minute to another? There is still no answer to this question. The pain was horrible, now it has become a dull feeling. Marie, if we – your animal welfare people – are just feeling that way how are your family and friends getting along with your loss?

In the situation last year, we were desperately asking: How should it go on with the Andros cats? Foster cats from your appartment needed a home as soon as possible. A plan had to be made. What would all this come to? And your friends in Greece were very worried and felt alone.

Today that much is clear: We all together have succeeded in continuing your legacy with a great deal of willpower, in developing it and to make it our own. Cats at Andros e.V. is now a small but solid association, whose Greek friends now even defy Covid-19 to care for the animals.

We have kept on great supporters from you and found new ones. But how fortunate would we just be if we could have done all these steps together with you. You have achieved a lot on your own and just started to share your sorrows and chores with us. It would have been nice if you had been able to experience this relaxation, not having to do everything by yourself. Even if we cannot imagine you sitting on the beach at Andros and chilling – there was no free time when cats had to be taken care of.

As bad as the conditions were last April, they caused something good at least. People, some of whom you have hand-picked and who otherwise would not have encountered each other, have met and joined together with great zeal for one thing: It was all about preserving what you started, everyone was determined to do that. Contacts were made, relationships deepened, friendships developed. Also here in the forums and on social media. There are so many people who are thrilled with the Andros cats and support them wholeheartedly.

It can be comforting to imagine that from where you are now you can see how your project developed. Last year someone wrote under the impression of the horrible news that your star would shine particularly brightly over the island of Andros the night after your death. We can say: Not just this one night, but to this day now and for a long time beyond shine it will. Marie, we miss you so much!

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