Purchase premiums & fundraising

In addition to a donation to our association´s account or via PayPal (see the page Help with a donation!), you can also help us with premiums systems for your own purchases or fundraising portals.

What options are open to you, we have described below.

NOTE: Before using any of the links below, please ensure that cookies are allowed on your PC or mobile device and that ad blockers are turned off! Otherwise, our association may not be identified on the partner sites, so for example, no purchase premium will be credited.

Affiliate partnerships

Cats at Andros e.V. is a participant in affiliate programs from various vendors. If you would like to make purchases at one of the following dealers, please log in using the corresponding link. If products are purchased through this link in the online shop, our association will receive a proportionate amount of your net sales. There are no additional expenses or fees for you.


zooplus Germany



zooplus Spain



zooplus France



zooplus Italy


Shopping or donating via WeCanHelp

If you make online purchases from a wide range of vendors, you can use the WeCanHelp platform to access the online store you are looking for. You do not need to be registered with WeCanHelp. Cats at Andros e.V. is listed on WeCanHelp and receives a share of the net sales of your purchases as a donation. You can also donate directly to us via WeCanHelp.

After selecting an online store, WeCanHelp provides detailed information about the respective premiums and special features of the shop.

Clicking on our “Cats at Andros” logo will take you directly to the WeCanHelp page linked to our association project.

Cats at Andros

If you want, you can set up the so-called “Shop Alarm” at WeCanHelp (more precisely, a so-called toolbar for your browser). What exactly is behind it and how you can install it, you will learn after clicking on the WeCanHelp logo:

WeCanHelp Shop Alarm

Shopping or donating via Gooding

For online purchases, you can also use the Gooding platform in the same way. Again, you do not have to register. Cats at Andros e.V. receives a share as a donation from the net sales of your purchases.

Gooding likewise informs after selection of the shop about the respective premiums and peculiarities and points out also for the donation recipient more favorable alternatives.

If you wish, you can download a “reminder feature” from Gooding (also a toolbar for your browser). More information can be found after clicking on the Gooding logo:

Gooding Toolbar

feed a cat

Gooding (see above) has developed the “feed a cat” app an easy way to give animal welfare associations feed donations via smartphone. The app can be used to donate various one-time or regular amounts. Feed a cat will be provide feed donations. If so much has been collected that a euro pallet could be filled, this will be sent to the association. Shipping is Europe-wide, but unfortunately not on islands. Therefore, we have organized it so that “feed a cat donations” as well as the other feed donations are handed over to our association´s member Sandra from Cologne. She then makes sure that everything arrives well on Andros.

All you have to do is:

1.) Download the app on the feed a cat page (click on the logo). On this page are also detailed information on the donation concept:

Cats at Andros

2.) Scan the QR code shown here. This leads directly to our association. Alternatively, this link can also be used: https://app.feedacat.com/start?profile=82227.

Cats at Andros e.V.

3.) Donate.

A note: In the app is always talk of feed + litter. But that is not mandatory. When feed a cat has collected enough donations for a pallet, the recipient is contacted by feed a cat or gooding to clarify what they really want to get. This can then be exclusively feed or other, for example, breeding milk.


When shopping through Amazon, you can use the AmazonSmile program. Again, you do not have to register. Cats at Andros e.V. receives a share from the net sales of your purchases. Click on the logo to get to the Amazon page.

Cats at Andros


betterplace is an internet platform where charitable organizations can raise funds. Cats at Andros e.V. is registered at betterplace.org. You can support our ongoing donation projects by visiting us directly via the following link:

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