Permanent Sponsorships

What means permanent sponsorship?

A permanent sponsorship is a regular (usually monthly) donation with which someone expresses their bond with a specific cat.

Such a sponsorship is a very kind gesture, but also a very symbolic act.

We cannot book this donation as a provision for exactly this animal, in case it turns up sick and in need of help – which we hope not – at a feeding station during the next trips.

We use these donations for food and medicines, which are distributed at the feeding stations, so that it also benefits the respective sponsored cat in this way.

If you are interested in a permanent sponsorship, you can write to us via the email address kontakt[at] Or you can send us a private message in one of the Internet forums in which we are represented.

How can you become a permanent sponsor for an Andros cat?

We do not keep an overview of which cats are still looking for a permanent sponsorship, but a page with existing sponsorships (see the next section). A good clue to find a sponsored cat are our travel reports in the Andros blog as there are, among other things, reports about very many cats.

There is no minimum amount, and also no “obligation” to donate monthly. It should only be a regular donation – in the sense of “permanent”. The permanent sponsorship can also be terminated at any time, for example when the cat has left for Germany and has been placed.

So that we can assign the permanent sponsorships, the word “permanent sponsorship” and the name of the cat should be written in the usage text of the donation. The easiest way to do this is to set up a standing order – here are our bank details.

Existing permanent sponsorships

The existing permanent sponsorships can be found here on our homepage (in German only): permanent sponsorships.

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