July 2018 – Current feeding and neutering sites

Here is a brief overview of the current feeding and neutering sites:

  • Feeding and neutering site #1 is the one at the waste site. Liza, Star, Milo, Samu, the three Minis Destiny, Muppet and Haribo, Liese, Amy, Aliki, Melina, Elias, Gali are e.g. the cats that belong to them. Marie founded this feeding place and these are the cats she’s completely responsible of.
  • Feeding and neutering site #2 is on a private property. The caregiver had to leave the island for professional reasons. There is neutered and fed since July 2017 from the island cat project. Originally it was just 40 cats, now the number has been reduced by missing litters, by taking over several cats by S. and by disease to 20 cats. Armao, Ylvi, Rena, Tiffy, Miro-Vincent, Nyota, Neela, and others belong to feeding and neutering site #2.
  • Neutering site #3: a stray cat group that is being cared for by a private individual, which is why Marie only helps there with the neutering, but does not feed them. After initial hesitation, it is now running very well, there are reliably reported new cats for neutering. Tamy was neutered from there this time.
  • Neutering site #4: also a stray cats group, which is looked after by a private person. Here things are not going quite so well, out of the original 12 female cats, at least 8 are castrated, but since then it has stagnated. Since July 2017, Marie has been working with this group to castrate because this group can now only be supplied sporadically. But the responsible person always has reasons why it’s not possible right now – the cats are just pregnant or have kittens or are sick or migrated or – surprisingly – pregnant again.
  • Neutering site #5 runs reliably instead, in March the first cat came from there for neutering, this time the second cat (Anthea). Then there is another cat and a not yet neutered litter of 4 kittens from this spring, the “rest” of the street cats there are tomcats, Ellis son among others. Elli herself belonged to this site (and is meanwhile also neutered), but has now rather going along with feeding site #1.
  • Feeding and neutering site #6 and neutering site #7 have been added in June 2018, both are located at a garbage site. Bisou was the first cat to be neutered from feeding site #6.

Another neutering site was in June 2018 in private individuals who have addressed Marie. From there came two female cats, in the autumn there are still three kittens to neuter, then this site is finished, so it does not count “regular”. Another “half” feeding site is S., because Marie provides the food there for the cats, who stay there until they leave to Germany, in order to be fed or because it is partly the responsibility of the project, if they have to be moved to feeding site #1.

Mostly A. and S. feed the cats. At the moment, another person feeds the cats temporarily at feeding sites #1 and #6 (in relative proximity). At feeding site #2, neighbors help out. For the neutering site #7 a person is being sought-after.

The (at least the female) cats on the neutering sites #1 to #3 are completely neutered, the tomcats are now gradually following.

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